Bed Bugs: Be Armed With Information


Don't fall for the misconception that only dirty homes get bed bugs. Believing this can result in you ending up with them because you don't think you need to take precautions in your nice and clean home. However, bed bugs can end up in any type of home or building. They are great at hitchhiking. This means if you sit on a chair after someone whose home has bed bugs, then a bed bug can latch on to your clothing and enjoy a nice ride back to your home.

23 February 2022

Residential Pest Control: 4 Signs You Have Bed Bug Infestation


Although bedbugs do not cause significant health problems, they bite and leave swollen, itchy, and irritating marks. Due to the persistent itchiness, some people may suffer from anxiety and insomnia. And just like all other pests, they are quite an embarrassment when you have guests. However, you can only notice bed bugs if they are too many. Otherwise, you would need to be keen to spot them since they rarely come out during the day.

10 January 2022

Termite Control Tips For Wet Climates


Termites are a nuisance all across the county. However, the type of termites you'll face does largely depend on the climate in your region. If you live in a really hot, dry area, you will mostly have to worry about dry wood termites. On the other hand, if you live in a damp climate, damp wood termites will be the bigger threat. It's important that you tailor your termite control efforts to the type of termites you're most concerned about.

8 December 2021

Pests, Stay Away: Types Of Infestations


Pest control services offer homeowners peace of mind when it comes to dealing with unwanted critters. Depending on the region a home may be in, pests are prone to invade at some point and will leave destruction in their path. Seeking professional treatments is truly the only surefire way to exterminate any type of pest, but homeowners should also educate themselves on what they may expect. Here are just a few examples of pests that can invade the home and what homeowners can do alongside seeking a pest control treatment.

21 October 2021

3 Common Rodents That Could Be Lurking Around Your Home and Their Effects


Have you recently run into a rodent in your home? Rodents are common in homes, and research shows at least 21 million homes experience a mice infestation every year. Rodents pose serious health risks and are linked to various diseases. Below are the three rodents that may be living uninvited in your home. Types of Rodents House Mice These are little adorable creatures with rounded ears and long tails. You can easily identify them with their squeaking high-pitched sound.

9 August 2021

Ways to Combat Invasive Rodents in Your Home


Rodents are a major problem in many parts of the world. They can cause damage, spread disease, and even contaminate food. If you live in an area with rodent problems or have rodent-related issues on your property, it's important to take steps to control rodents effectively. Here are five ways you can get rodents under control in your home. Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy Rodents are drawn to areas with high rodent-attracting substances such as pet food, garbage cans, and rodent droppings.

9 August 2021

What You Can Do If Mosquitoes Have Taken Over This Summer


Those blood thirsty mosquitoes buzzing about can be very annoying. They can multiply quickly, leaving your yard a haven for these pests. If you have a lot of mosquitoes, you may feel like you have to come inside as soon as the sun goes down, leaving you unable to enjoy your yard during those warm summer months. If you have a lot of mosquitoes, there may be a few things you can do on your own to try and get rid of at least some of the population.

24 June 2021

Four Reasons to Hire a Professional for Animal Removal


Animals that get into your home or cause havoc on your property can be a real problem. Removing them is no simple task, though. It's usually best to seek out professional help. 1. Permits May Be Necessary Animal removal may not be as legally simple as trapping and then releasing or putting the nuisance animal down. In many areas, a permit may be necessary for any type of removal or simply for the removal of certain species.

16 April 2021

How To Get Rid of Fleas: 3 Tips


Fleas are more than just a nuisance, they can give you itchy bumps all over your body, and they can do the same for any pets you have in your home as well. These pests can be difficult to get rid of, as they can be both inside your home and in your yard. They can travel on your clothing and on your pet's fur and get into your home, your car or anywhere else you go.

15 December 2020

Why You Should Never DIY Your Ant Control


Of all the pests that could set up shop inside your home, ants are usually seen as the most passive and least invasive. Unfortunately, for anybody who has ever had an ant colony suddenly appear on the countertop, they know not only the dangers they bring, but how hard it can be to get rid of them. DIY pest control may be an option for some infestations you have, but if you want those ants to be fully gone, you'll need to hire a professional ant control service.

19 October 2020