Residential Pest Control: 4 Signs You Have Bed Bug Infestation


Although bedbugs do not cause significant health problems, they bite and leave swollen, itchy, and irritating marks. Due to the persistent itchiness, some people may suffer from anxiety and insomnia. And just like all other pests, they are quite an embarrassment when you have guests. However, you can only notice bed bugs if they are too many. Otherwise, you would need to be keen to spot them since they rarely come out during the day. Below are four ways you can find out whether your home is bedbug-infested so that you can call for residential pest control services.

1. You Have Red Itchy Bites

If you notice red itchy bites, you should call pest control professionals to inspect your house for bed bugs. The bites can be seen along your shoulders and back in most cases. However, that does not mean that you cannot spot the same on other parts of your body. If you spot one or a few bed bugs, you certainly need to involve residential pest control experts for bed bug control.

2. You Have Found Some on Your Bedding

If your bed is bedbug-infested, you will often find blood marks on your bed sheet when you wake up. Additionally, you might see some unusual dark spots. Also, bedbugs have a musty smell. For that reason, you should inspect your bed and find their hiding place. These pests often hide along seams and corners of your bedding and mattress. Once you find them, you should call a residential pest control company to get rid of them once and for all.

3. Do No Ignore Areas Near Your Bed

If bedbugs are on your bed, the chances are that they have spread to nearby areas too. So if you have a nightstand or table next to your bed, you might find some hiding there. In addition, you may find these bugs in other areas such as nearby carpets, curtains, electrical sockets, and storage under your bed. However, you should not stop here; check all other areas and inform the professionals. This way, the residential pest control team will know where to start during the extermination.

4. You Bought Used Furniture

If you had recently purchased a used bed, sofa, or other furniture, this might be the reason your home is full of bedbugs. Although used furniture is cheap, you may not know if the previous owner was keen on pest control measures. So, you should inspect the furniture well before buying and have it fumigated to kill any traces of bedbugs. However, if you did not fumigate the furniture, you should call the specialists for pest control services.

Bedbugs are very tiny; thus, they can hide in the smallest of spaces. So it might take time before you notice them. Therefore, contact a qualified pest control company to check and treat your house to control bed bugs

For more information, reach out to a residential pest control service in your area.


10 January 2022

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