How Exterminators Can Help Avoid The Spread Of Dengue


There are many types of deadly diseases spread through various insects and pests. One of the most dangerous of these diseases is Dengue fever, a condition that can cause fever and even death. Thankfully, exterminators can help to manage the spread of this disease by eliminating it at its cost. The Dangers Of Dengue Dengue fever occurs around various parts of the world, spreading from Africa to over half of the population in the world.

2 April 2018

Natural Ways To Repel House Mice


Mice can make you sick if they get a chance to overrun your home. In order to stop the spread of any diseases these rodents may be carrying, you will need to take a creative approach if you do not wish to use traps or poisons.  The following are some excellent natural ways to get rid of rats quickly. Soda Mice like to get into just about any food or drink you may have lying around.

15 March 2018

Debugging 3 Common Myths About The Black Widow Spider


Cleaning, maintenance, and trusting the services of a pest control team will not guarantee your home will be and remain completely free of pests. Thankfully, proper understanding will prepare you in case you see one or more insects or rodents in and around your home. The black widow spider is one of the most feared insects, but most people do not fully understand these arachnids. By de-bugging these common myths, you will learn a few key facts regarding the black widow spider.

25 February 2018

3 Tips To Help Keep Termites Away From Wood Features Around Your Home


Termites love to eat wood, which is a material found throughout residential buildings. They can quickly cause severe damage to your home, which is why you want to do whatever you can to keep them away. Here are some tips that will help keep termites away from the wood features around your home: 1. Using Lumber Outdoors That Has Been Treated With Insect Repellents The lumber that is used around your home should be treated for termites.

23 January 2018