The Kill Order: Pest Dystopia and How to Make It a Better World


Dystopian books and movies are the hot thing right now. People are looking for an escape that makes their own lives look and feel better than what they are experiencing every day. However, when your home is overrun by pests, it may still feel as though you are in a dystopian world. You have to give an exterminator the kill order, if you are going to survive. Oddly enough, the pests have it far worse than you. For them, their dystopia is a constant thing, but you can make it a better world for them and for you. Here is how.

Kill Some Bugs and Some Rodents

In all dystopian worlds, some must die. You can try to kill off everything, but some will survive. In your situation, your exterminator will kill off almost all of the bugs (except for those that are too far away from the poisons) and most, if not all, of the rodents (because rodents are easier to kill than bugs). Those pests that survive will continue to breed, unless your exterminator locates where they are hiding out and outliving those that have been killed.

Trap and Release the Rest

You would not believe how many labs and reptile raisers are looking for free "food" for their experiments and their reptiles. When the pest problem overruns your home, the exterminator can kill off a lot, but for the rest, he/she can set traps. Once the remaining pests are caught, the exterminator can "jail" the pests and take them to labs and reptile raisers to face a fate that is potentially uglier than toxic death. You can also request that the survivors be released miles and miles away from your home in a wilderness where they will bother no one anymore.

Happy Endings (?)

In a way, you can respect the survivors. They were able to do what the rest of the pests could not: outrun, outlive, and still find places to hide in their pest dystopia (otherwise known as your house). Therefore, killing some and catching and releasing others is not only making your world and your environment better, but it is also granting a peaceful release to the pests that died and rewarding the surviving pests by isolating them far, far away from your home. Of course, the edict of death by research lab or death by reptilian raisers are still possibilities, too, since it fits well here.


18 April 2018

Understanding Pest Control Products

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