Got A Mosquito Infestation On Your Property? 5 Facts To Know About The Insects


There are few things that can spoil a relaxing day in your yard more than a group of mosquitoes attacking you. While the hated insects are a food source for birds, dragonflies and other creatures, they can make you feel as if you are under siege when several of them bite you within a few minutes. As you get ready to take action against the pests, you may want to learn a little bit more about the biting insects and their behavior.

15 June 2016

Termites And Vegetable Gardens: Why Are They There And How Can You Get Rid Of Them Safely?


If subterranean termites show up in your vegetable garden, you may want to know how you can get rid of them without harming your plants. Unlike drywood termites, which are easier to kill with chemical gases because they live in the home's structure, subterranean termites require special consideration. The pests usually create colonies beneath the soil, which makes it difficult to locate and eradicate them. When they seek food or new places to invade, subterranean termites leave their nests and venture out in the open.

2 June 2016

5 Tips For Avoiding Bed Bugs When You Travel


Traveling is one of the great joys of life, but it can also come with an unexpected nightmare: bedbugs. If you stay in a hotel or vacation rental infested with bed bugs, you may not even notice them until you unwittingly bring some of them back home with you in your suitcase. Even just bringing a couple of tiny bed bugs home with you can lead to an infestation, as an average bed bug will lay 500 eggs in its lifetime.

25 May 2016

Tired Of Flies Flying Around Your House? Kill Them With These Do-It-Yourself Traps


Summer is almost here. And unfortunately, that means that flies may soon find themselves inside of your home. It is hard to keep them out when your kids are running in and out as they play outside, or as you open the door to bring in food from your barbecue. While fly swatters can help you get rid of these pests, you have to be fast and it can be time consuming if you have multiple flies in your home.

20 May 2016

Don't Buy A New Home Without A Termite Inspection


Buying a new home can be an exciting time filled with dreams of a bright future. You wouldn't dream of buying a home without an inspection to assess the electrical and plumbing systems and to check the structure of the building. But, don't overlook the importance of a termite inspection. These aggressive bugs can sometimes go unnoticed in a typical pre-sale home inspection. Here's what you need to know about termite infestations when you are buying a new home.

17 May 2016

Three Practical Ways To Avoid Bed Bugs


Bring up the topic of bed bugs in a group conversation and jokes about feeling itchy nervously follow. The truth that few people want to face is that bed bugs are ubiquitous to modern urban life, and infestations are everyone's nightmare. Today's bed bugs are increasingly immune to bug sprays that have had, at best, limited effectiveness. Therefore, infestations can turn into expensive do-it-yourself endeavors. And, perhaps the fuel for the nervous jokes, the possibility of psychological trauma from these infinitesimal insects still lurks.

5 May 2016

The Human Face of Hantavirus: Why Mice Control Matters


Every spring, health officials begin to warn the public about the deadly disease called hantavirus. Spread by rodent bites or the inhalation of dust from their droppings, hantavirus has affected nearly 700 people since its discovery in 1993. Perhaps as a resident of one of the states where the virus thrives, you have become complacent to the danger of this disease. Looking closely at the lives of a few people infected by this disease may help re-spark your vigilance about mice control on your property this year.

29 April 2016