The Human Face of Hantavirus: Why Mice Control Matters


Every spring, health officials begin to warn the public about the deadly disease called hantavirus. Spread by rodent bites or the inhalation of dust from their droppings, hantavirus has affected nearly 700 people since its discovery in 1993. Perhaps as a resident of one of the states where the virus thrives, you have become complacent to the danger of this disease. Looking closely at the lives of a few people infected by this disease may help re-spark your vigilance about mice control on your property this year.

Navajo nightmare

The first death from Hantavirus this year was of a teenage girl living in Navajo housing in Arizona. Interestingly, the first ever fatality of this disease back in 1993 was also a Navajo woman. This year's Native American victim, who excelled in her high school studies, unfortunately lived in crowded and unclean conditions because of the family's poverty. Due to the many people who lived in the home and their financial constraints, necessary repairs and upkeep went undone. The conditions were ripe for rodent infestation, and the girl contracted the virus through contact with droppings. She was diagnosed at a clinic in Tuba City and died enroute to a hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Colorado crisis

In October 2010, a strong outdoors enthusiast named Brad Buckley went hiking with a friend in the San Juan mountains in Colorado. Prior to his trip he had been feeling fatigued, and it is assumed he had contracted hantavirus through his work as a contractor. Once in the isolated mountain cabin he began to feel ill. Two days later his condition had so deteriorated that his friend hiked to a meadow to gain cell phone reception and call 911. It was too late; by the time his friend returned to the cabin, Buckley had died.

Teen trauma

Jordan Herbst considers himself a fortunate survivor of hantavirus. Jordan probably became ill in his home city of Bishop, California while exploring a mining cave, and fell ill during a family trip to Oregon. Thinking he just had a bad flu, his mother cared for him at home until she realized his heart was racing and he was having difficulty breathing. What followed was a parent's nightmare: a nearly immediate flight transfer to a higher care facility, a cardiac arrest, and six days of connection to a heart and lung machine. Even worse, doctors had no idea what was wrong with Jordan. The diagnosis of hantavirus didn't come until Jordan was recovering, ten days after he fell ill.

Hantavirus and you

This year, several cities have already issued warnings that hantavirus has been found in their regions. Whether or not you live in these areas, hantavirus can still be a threat to you; all it takes is to inhale dust from mice droppings. The early form of the disease presents much like the flu, so many patients do not realize the danger to their health. However, in a matter of hours lungs can fill with fluid, breathing difficulties arise, and death can follow.

If you suspect that mice have infested your home, it is imperative that you eliminate them immediately. Because you can risk hantavirus exposure by taking extermination into your own hands, schedule a consultation with an extermination company instead. The technician will assess the scope of your rodent problem and, using professional equipment, remove the mice from your house. He or she will also advise you about cleaning infested areas safely.

Don't risk becoming a hantavirus story. Stay vigilant and avoid this deadly disease. You can do this by remembering these stories and calling for professional help at the first sign of illness. 


29 April 2016

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