Three Practical Ways To Avoid Bed Bugs


Bring up the topic of bed bugs in a group conversation and jokes about feeling itchy nervously follow. The truth that few people want to face is that bed bugs are ubiquitous to modern urban life, and infestations are everyone's nightmare. Today's bed bugs are increasingly immune to bug sprays that have had, at best, limited effectiveness. Therefore, infestations can turn into expensive do-it-yourself endeavors. And, perhaps the fuel for the nervous jokes, the possibility of psychological trauma from these infinitesimal insects still lurks. To still the anxious mutterings among your group, present to your peers these three ways to avoid bed bug problems.

Clean up

While bed bugs can make themselves at home in the swankiest of palaces, there is no denying that they are attracted to clutter. Cluttered homes speak of undisturbed nesting areas; bugs can hide away and mate without being bothered. They can sneak out to feast upon the home's residents while they sleep, and then skitter back to their critter caves without detection. Further, because a cluttered home indicates poor housekeeping, residents of cluttered homes may miss signs of a bed bug infestation such as the following:

  • Exoskeletons of bed bugs on the floor next to baseboards
  • Odor in the room similar to wet towels, a locker room, or rotting fruit
  • Reddish-brown spots on mattresses, upholstery, or wooden dressers
  • Live bugs in piles of clothing or linens

Travel smart

One characteristic of bed bugs is that they are world travellers. Quite the cosmopolitan creatures, they jaunt through countries by hopping rides in suitcases, shoes, and sweaters. Hotel rooms are infamous way stations for these crafty insects. Before travelling, look on a website such as for outbreaks at hotels where you plan to stay. Check for bed bugs when you check in to a room and look again when you leave. Further, when you get home from a trip, immediately put all your clothes through the laundry and leave travel bags outside for a few days.

Move with eyes wide open

Bed bugs flourish in urban living because so many people live in such close quarters. Because their main goal in life is to feed on warm, sleeping bodies, apartment buildings and condominiums are perfect dwelling places. College dormitories and high density neighborhoods are attractive to the insects as well. However, coexisting with them does not have to be an inevitability. Before moving into a new apartment, home, or dorm, wisely evaluate the place before signing any rental agreement. For instance, request a canine inspection by a local bed bug exterminating company. You can also ask your landlord whether or not there have been recent infestations and check out his/her answers by going online to read reviews of the complex or dorm, if applicable. Lastly, consider putting bed bug protectors on your mattress and boxspring.

These three precautions will go a long way to prevent a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, despite the highest degree of prevention, no one is immune to bed bugs. Even if your house is clean, the hotel room looks clear, and there have been no previous infestations in your college kid's dormitory, bed bugs can still set up camp. Because they are so small, it is very possible to miss a couple in the bottom of a suitcase or even in the library book you just brought home. If you end up with a bed bug problem, don't despair that you've failed in some way. These stubborn bugs are a problem in all big cities and in every state, and 99% of exterminators have had to treat for them. Call an experienced pest control company in your area, such as Godfather's Exterminating Inc, for a consultation and customized treatment plan for your home.


5 May 2016

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