Natural Ways To Repel House Mice


Mice can make you sick if they get a chance to overrun your home. In order to stop the spread of any diseases these rodents may be carrying, you will need to take a creative approach if you do not wish to use traps or poisons.  The following are some excellent natural ways to get rid of rats quickly.


Mice like to get into just about any food or drink you may have lying around. One good way to catch them is by pouring soda into a bowl and leaving it where you know they are likely to drink it.  Once they drink the soda they will be unable to burp and release gas and this will cause them to die.


Another great way to repel mice is by using ammonia. Mice avoid places that smell like ammonia because the urine of their predators contains the substance. When mice sniff ammonia they assume that a large animal is around that will destroy them and so they keep their distance. You should be careful not to sprinkle too much ammonia as this can be harmful to both pets and small children. Your first choice when using ammonia is to use a cleaning solution with ammonia as the main ingredient, so that you can clean and repel at the same time. You may also sprinkle some ammonia in areas where you believe mice may be nesting.

Toilet Bowl Fresheners

While you may love how your toilet bowl freshener leaves your bowl smelling clean. Mice do not like the strong sweet scent that bowl fresheners give off. You can use this to your advantage to ward off mice by placing bowl fresheners on plates in areas that mice use to enter and exit your home. You may also hang these bowl fresheners from hooks on your walls to prevent children and pets from troubling them.

Tabasco Sauce

Mice cannot tolerate the smell of tabasco sauce and will run away quickly if they smell it nearby. Combine the tabasco sauce with some detergent and some warm water. You should then begin to sprinkle it around your home and near any known nesting areas. You should start seeing a reduction in the amount of mice that you have in a short amount of time with this repellent.

Getting rid of mice in a natural way is a good practice, since it not only keeps the rodents away it also prevents you and your family from being exposed to toxic substances. If you need professional assistance, contact a company that offers mice removal services to see what you should do.


15 March 2018

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