Debugging 3 Common Myths About The Black Widow Spider


Cleaning, maintenance, and trusting the services of a pest control team will not guarantee your home will be and remain completely free of pests. Thankfully, proper understanding will prepare you in case you see one or more insects or rodents in and around your home. The black widow spider is one of the most feared insects, but most people do not fully understand these arachnids. By de-bugging these common myths, you will learn a few key facts regarding the black widow spider.

They Are All Black

One of the most common misconceptions people have about these spiders is that they are completely black in color. Because of its name, it is easy to see why so many people believe this. However, black widows can range in color.

Female black widows have a shiny black body while the males are a little lighter in color and have red or pink spots on the backs. Both male and female black widow spiders have an hourglass design in a reddish color on their abdomens.

While the majority of their bodies are black, black widows do have other colors and markers that can help you distinguish them from other spiders.

Bites Are Always Fatal

Firstly, you should know that it is rare for one of these spiders to bite you. Black widows are not aggressive, but they will bite you if they feel threatened in any way. Therefore, poking, grabbing, or stepping on one of these spiders is not recommended even though their bites are not fatal for most people.

Black widows are venomous, so you will most likely experience some symptoms after you are bitten. It is important to pay close attention to these symptoms to determine if they are progressing quickly.

The bite may feel like a slight prick on the skin. For some, the actual bite is not even felt. The area around the bite may appear red and swollen, creating a design that resembles a target.

Many people do not have any further symptoms after the bite. For some, dull aches and pain may occur within 15 minutes to an hour after the bite. It is best to seek out medical intervention at this point.

After a series of lab tests to confirm you were bitten by a black widow, your doctor will administer antivenin. This is usually sufficient for stopping the venom from spreading further through the body.

Most people are completely capable of surviving a black widow bite, but young children, but fatalities have been known in young children, the elderly, and individuals who are already ill.

Understanding the truth behind these common myths may not make black widows more appealing, but they can help you learn the importance of pest control


25 February 2018

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