3 Reasons To Call An Exterminator Before Moving Into Your New House


Are you about to move into a newly purchased home? Have you already had a pest control professional inspect the property? If you've recently bought a house but haven't already done so, it's a good idea to have this done as soon as possible. While you might not see an infestation of any kind, this is what the professional is for. But if you're still not completely sure whether you want to spend this extra money, here are some good reasons why you should at least seriously consider hiring professional pest control services:

Roaches: By the time you actually notice a roach infestation, the problem is often quite serious. It's not necessary for the home's previous occupants to have been messy, only for a roach or two to have snuck inside at some point, possibly even unseen in a load of groceries. Unfortunately, roaches can easily become resistant to various pesticide products. Trying to treat the infestation yourself with products you buy at a local store could cause the population to become immune to the products that you're using. As a result, you may need multiple treatments by your local pest control services company in order to completely eliminate any infestation that might be lurking in your new home. 

Rodents: Although usually more obvious than roaches, rodents can also be a hidden or partially hidden infestation until the population reaches an invisible threshold. It may take the experienced eyes of a pest control services professional to spot the tell-tale signs of a rat or mouse infestation. Knowing exactly which species is making your house into their home is also essential to being able to choose the best method to eliminate them from your residence. You could try simply trapping them, but the local rats might ignore one bait that mice would be interested in and vice versa. Professional assistance will help to eliminate much of this trial and error.

Termites: Even if you're in an area where there are generally few or no termite infestations, it's still a good idea to at least have your home checked to ensure that they haven't arrived and set up shop in or around your home. A termite inspection by a pest control services professional is a few tens of dollars, while eliminating and repairing the damage caused by a full-blown colony could run several thousand and may not be covered by your homeowner's policy. Having peace of mind that your home isn't being eaten up around you by tiny insects is worth the relatively small price of a professional exterminator.


15 August 2018

Understanding Pest Control Products

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