How To Control Ticks To Keep Your Family And Pets Safe


Ticks transmit serious diseases, so you don't want them to infest your yard or your house. The first step toward keeping them out of your house is to make your yard less hospitable toward the ticks. Here are tick control tasks you can do to get rid of ticks on your property.

Keep Weeds And Grass Short

Ticks stay in areas where there is shade. Tall grass and weeds cast just enough shade to keep ticks comfortable. Plus, tall weeds allow the ticks to climb high enough to latch onto your pant legs or your dog's belly and hitch a ride inside. One tactic for keeping ticks away from your house is to make your yard as sunny as possible. You might have to remove plants near your foundation and trim back tree branches so the lawn near your home is in full sun. Ticks won't usually cross dry hot expanses; however, they can always hitch a ride on an animal or person, so you always need to be alert for them even in sunny areas.

Also, when you cut your grass every week, consider bagging the clippings rather than leaving them on the lawn where they can create a welcoming habitat for ticks. If you don't want to throw the clippings in the trash, create a compost pile on the edge of your property where they can decompose. In addition, if your property backs up to a woods or field that isn't mowed, then create a border of gravel between the wild growth and your yard. Gravel stays dry and it gets hot so ticks won't want to cross over it to get in your yard.

Control Animals That Carry Ticks

Ticks hitch rides on wild animals such as deer, mice, and possums. If you have these animals on your property, you're at a greater risk of having ticks. Install a deer fence, and don't leave food out that attracts raccoons and mice. Seal your house so mice and rats that have ticks won't be able to get in your home. One method of killing ticks involves using tubes filled with rodent nesting material that's treated with insecticide. The insecticide doesn't kill the mice, but when mice use the material to make nests, the ticks come in contact with the insecticide and are killed.

Ticks are also drawn to dogs and cats as they walk through the grass or weeds. You should talk to your vet about the best way to treat your pets to control ticks so they don't get bitten or carry ticks in your house. Also, be sure to check your pets and yourself every time you come indoors.

Have Pesticide Sprayed On Your Yard

A pest control company can help you get a tick problem under control. They inspect your yard and make recommendations on things you need to do to get rid of tick habitats. They can also set out tick treatments or spray your yard to get rid of ticks and keep them from taking over your yard again.

Since ticks are dangerous pests, you should take steps to prevent them and call for help when you see them in your yard. Although you may inspect yourself and your pet often, a tiny tick is easy to overlook, so keeping ticks off of your property is the best way to protect your family and pets.


30 November 2018

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