Termite Control Tips For Wet Climates


Termites are a nuisance all across the county. However, the type of termites you'll face does largely depend on the climate in your region. If you live in a really hot, dry area, you will mostly have to worry about dry wood termites. On the other hand, if you live in a damp climate, damp wood termites will be the bigger threat. It's important that you tailor your termite control efforts to the type of termites you're most concerned about. Here are some specific control tactics to use in wet climates.

Wait until the wet season to have termite baits placed

Termite baits are one of the most effective ways to get rid of termites and to help keep termites from actually finding their way into your home. These baits look like little canisters. You push them into the ground, leaving just a flat, round cap exposed above the ground. The termites find the bait, eat it, and then die. They may also bring some of it back to their colony to share with the other termites. 

Whether you install termite baits yourself or hire a pest control company to do it, make sure you do so in the wet season when termites are most active. If you install the baits when it's dry out, they may be old and less effective by the time the termites discover them.

Keep your gutter system in top shape

If there is one single part of your home that is instrumental in termite control, it's your gutters. The gutters make sure water gets pushed away from your home's foundation so the foundation does not become too moist. They also keep your landscaping from getting too wet and becoming a more attractive place for termites to gather. Clean your gutters twice a year, and if they develop holes or leaks, have them fixed ASAP.

Replace rotting exterior wood immediately

In a wet area, exterior wood items like fences, porches, or pergolas are going to become wet more frequently and start rotting faster. Once they are rotten, they're more likely to attract termites. And once the termites are in your fence or pergola, they don't have to travel too much further to reach your actual home. As soon as you notice a wood structure is rotting, make plans to have it replaced. Also, make sure you maintain your wooden surfaces properly, painting them with a sealer or finish as needed to protect them from the elements. This will help keep them from becoming rotten termite attractants.

The termite control tips above will come in really handy in wet areas. Talk to a termite control company for more advice specific to your region. 


8 December 2021

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