Bed Bugs: Be Armed With Information


Don't fall for the misconception that only dirty homes get bed bugs. Believing this can result in you ending up with them because you don't think you need to take precautions in your nice and clean home. However, bed bugs can end up in any type of home or building. They are great at hitchhiking. This means if you sit on a chair after someone whose home has bed bugs, then a bed bug can latch on to your clothing and enjoy a nice ride back to your home. Knowing the facts about bed bugs and knowing what to do about them can help you keep your home bed bug free. 

Bed bugs are commonly in hotels

It's true, there are many hotels with bed bugs, and they aren't only the lower-end hotels. Even the nice hotels can end up with them. This is due to how many people come and stay in the rooms, bringing a lot of their items from home that could have bed bugs on them. If you stay in a hotel with bed bugs, they can end up coming home with you.

You really should check the bed and furniture n the hotel room, looking for tiny bugs or little brownish specks. Also, check all your luggage before putting it in the car. If you end up seeing signs of bed bugs in your home, you may have ended up bringing some home anyway, so you want to call a pest control company out right away. 

Bed bugs can hide well

One of the many reasons why bed bug infestations can get so bad before people even know there is an issue is because they can hide so well. Not only does their tiny size make it easy for them to stay out of sight, but they also like to hide in cracks and crevices. It's always a good idea to check around your house for signs of any pests, including bed bugs, while you are cleaning. 

Look in the seams of the bed and furniture, look in the cracks of wooden furniture, and even look in the seams of the wallpaper because they often hide there too. If you see any signs, don't put off calling a pest control company because an infestation can get out of hand quickly. 

Bed bugs bite

Many times, it's the bites from bed bugs that finally let people know they are dealing with a bed bug problem. They can leave a lot of bites on a person all while they are asleep. 

If you or anyone in your family wakes up with a lot of tiny, red, raised spots, then it's a good idea to get pest control out as soon as you can get an appointment. With bites like these, you are dealing with some kind of pest, whether it's bed bugs or something else.

If you find that your home is under attack from bed bugs, don't hesitate to contact a local bed bug service.


23 February 2022

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