Pests, Stay Away: Types Of Infestations


Pest control services offer homeowners peace of mind when it comes to dealing with unwanted critters. Depending on the region a home may be in, pests are prone to invade at some point and will leave destruction in their path. Seeking professional treatments is truly the only surefire way to exterminate any type of pest, but homeowners should also educate themselves on what they may expect. Here are just a few examples of pests that can invade the home and what homeowners can do alongside seeking a pest control treatment. 


Drawn to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, cockroaches are a pest that nobody wants in their home. There are several varieties including the larger American cockroach and the smaller German cockroach. Roaches can quickly multiply and lead to a plethora of problems for homeowners. Bi-monthly sprays are the best way to eliminate any cockroach problem, but homeowners can also take steps on their own to prevent their presence. Ensuring the bathroom areas are kept clean and free of hair or nail clippings is a great first step as roaches are drawn to these materials. Kitchens should be kept clear of crumbs and wiped down when cooking anything that may splatter grease. Signs of cockroaches can include droppings that resemble coffee grounds or smear marks. 


Often seen as a simple nuisance, ants can actually become responsible for severe property damage if not taken care of immediately. Very similar to termites, carpenter ants can eat away at wooden structures, leaving areas hollowed out and unstable. Other varieties such as sugar ants can wreak havoc on a kitchen in which food may be accessed. Contaminating the food that they eat away at, ants can allow food to become exposed to air as well. Keeping food in airtight containers and practicing cleanliness habits is an excellent way to deter ants from invading. A pest control treatment can assist by setting traps in which the entire ant colony will be exterminated. Signs of ants can include seeing a mound of dirt, discarded wings, and even ant trails across walls or floors. 


Associated with structural damage, termites are an incredibly dangerous and serious pest problem to be dealing with. Eating away at wood, termites can live in walls, roofs, and even floors and completely compromise the stability of entire homes. This is obviously very dangerous to residents who would expect their home to be a safe haven. Calling a pest control specialist at the first sign of termites is highly recommended. Treatments for more severe cases can include tenting the entire home to treat with heat or chemicals, requiring residents to leave the property during this time. Regularly checking on the structure of the home is recommended as well as inspecting at the first sign of a problem. Worn away wood, sawdust-like droppings, and swarms are all signs of a termite infestation. 

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21 October 2021

Understanding Pest Control Products

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