3 Common Rodents That Could Be Lurking Around Your Home and Their Effects


Have you recently run into a rodent in your home? Rodents are common in homes, and research shows at least 21 million homes experience a mice infestation every year. Rodents pose serious health risks and are linked to various diseases. Below are the three rodents that may be living uninvited in your home.

Types of Rodents

House Mice

These are little adorable creatures with rounded ears and long tails. You can easily identify them with their squeaking high-pitched sound. House mice are between light and dark brown. These rodents thrive in numerous conditions and are common in buildings. Besides being quick runners, they are great swimmers too. 

Norway Rats

They are often referred to as sewer rats. Although they commonly live underground, they are common uninvited guests in homes. Their distinct feature is their large black eyes. Unlike house mice, they are not picky eaters. They can eat insects, meat, cereal, garbage, and fruits. Despite having a short lifespan of between 5 and 12 months, each female rat births 20 offspring.

Deer Mice

Deer mice have a longer lifespan than Norway rats. They live as long as 14 months and are golden or reddish-brown. Deer mice are significantly larger compared to house mice, and their tail has fur. They like eating berries, nuts, and insects. They tend to be active hours before sunrise and some hours past sunset.

Effects of Rodents

Other than their inability to make good roommates and causing extensive damage to your home, rodents are full of diseases. Therefore, posing severe health risks to your household. Effects of rodents include the following.

Health Risks

Rodents reproduce fast, and a couple of mice can quickly turn into an infestation. They carry numerous diseases and viruses, which they spread through their urine and feces. Rodents contaminate food and are a major cause of infection. Also, their dried feces, when inhaled, can lead to infections and allergic reactions.

Extensive Damage

Rats and mice cause extensive damage as they eat through cables and plastics. They like to burrow in everything they consider a good hiding spot for themselves and their babies, including furniture, boxes, and clothes. They leave you with costly extermination fees and repairs to sort.

What to Do

Are you battling a rodent infestation now or during a specific time of the year? Given the adverse effects of rodents, it is wise to contact local rodent control services. Talk to an expert today, and they will offer a solution for your rodent problem.


9 August 2021

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