3 Signs You Need To Hire Pest Control Services In Your Hair Salon


Hair salons are popular since they offer clients a space to relax and get pampered as they get their hair done. It is one of the places most people look forward to going to after a long week. As a salon owner, you are responsible for keeping your facility clean and free of any infestation. Unfortunately, pests in your facility could jeopardize your reputation, and you might never get it back once your reputation is tarnished.

12 October 2022

American Cockroaches: Banishing The Biggest And Best Pest Of Them All


There are sometimes when you don't want the American version of something to be the biggest and the best—like with the American cockroach. This troublesome household pest has the dubious honor of being the largest common cockroach, as well as the longest-living (these critters can live for up to 700 days). These aren't benign insects you'd happily share your home with, so what happens when the American cockroach stakes its claim on your own private part of America?

20 September 2022

How To Stop Lawn Moths From Destroying Your Yard


When it comes to a beautiful lawn, routine care is typically all it takes. Watering, fertilizing, and trimming make a yard really stand out. But when trouble arises, and the bright green appearance of your lawn is diminishing, it could be due to an underlying issue: sod webworms. Here is how you can stop this crazy lawn moth from wreaking havoc on your yard.  What is a Sod Webworm? The term "

25 August 2022

Black Bear Trapping And Rehoming Services


Trapping and relocation efforts are used to rehome black bears that have made themselves at home on a residential piece of property. Due to the dangers that a bear poses to humans, a wildlife removal company should be contacted about a bear that has been spotted near a property owner's home. The Personality Of A Bear A bear will forage for food and seek shelter during the months that they are not in hibernation.

27 June 2022

3 Things To Know About Termite Control


Termites are pests you want to prevent if possible, so you should put a lot of effort into control so you don't have to deal with eliminating them from your home after they've done a lot of damage. Termites are such a problem that hiring a pest control company to set up a prevention program is an important part of home maintenance and protection. Here are three things to know about termite control.

12 May 2022

Discover 3 Ways Preventative Pest Control Can Actually Save You Money


The primary reason that many homeowners put off dealing with pest control problems until they have grown out of control is that they are simply trying to avoid spending money on professional pest control services. While this may seem like the most cost-efficient option at first, the truth is that using residential pest prevention services can actually save you more money in the long run. Do you find this hard to believe?

14 April 2022

Bed Bugs: Be Armed With Information


Don't fall for the misconception that only dirty homes get bed bugs. Believing this can result in you ending up with them because you don't think you need to take precautions in your nice and clean home. However, bed bugs can end up in any type of home or building. They are great at hitchhiking. This means if you sit on a chair after someone whose home has bed bugs, then a bed bug can latch on to your clothing and enjoy a nice ride back to your home.

23 February 2022