Black Bear Trapping And Rehoming Services


Trapping and relocation efforts are used to rehome black bears that have made themselves at home on a residential piece of property. Due to the dangers that a bear poses to humans, a wildlife removal company should be contacted about a bear that has been spotted near a property owner's home.

The Personality Of A Bear

A bear will forage for food and seek shelter during the months that they are not in hibernation. Overgrown trees and shrubbery and the presence of a vegetable garden could appeal to a bear. A black bear may hunt for food at the same time each day. A black bear will typically not attack a person unless they are provoked. In spite of the low threat that a bear presents, it is best to limit the amount of time spent outdoors, until a wildlife removal specialist has had the opportunity to inspect the property and provide trapping and relocation services.

The Trapping And Rehoming Services

Wildlife specialists may provide services that will aid in eliminating a wide range of wild animals. Specialists are similar to exterminators but will make an effort not to harm any of the animals that they come into contact with. A bear's patterns may be observed, by inspecting tracks and signs of damage that a bear has been responsible for. A trapping process may require that a removal specialist uses a tranquilizer.

If this type of trapping strategy will be used, a wildlife removal specialist will need to be on the property at the very moment that a bear is also present. After a bear is stunned with a tranquilizer, a specialist will be able to safely load the bear into a cage. They will transport the bear to a remote location where a bear will be able to adequately find food, water, and shelter. If a trapping process will not involve the use of a tranquilizer, a specialist may set up a cage on a parcel of land.

The cage may allow a bear to enter, but not exit the enclosure. After the bear has been trapped inside the cage, the specialist will come back to the property to pick up the cage and the animal. A property owner can reduce interactions with other bears. Keeping a yard neat and tidy and covering crops that could be appealing to a bear will greatly reduce any chances of encountering another animal like this in the future.

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27 June 2022

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