American Cockroaches: Banishing The Biggest And Best Pest Of Them All


There are sometimes when you don't want the American version of something to be the biggest and the best—like with the American cockroach. This troublesome household pest has the dubious honor of being the largest common cockroach, as well as the longest-living (these critters can live for up to 700 days). These aren't benign insects you'd happily share your home with, so what happens when the American cockroach stakes its claim on your own private part of America?

Dirty Roommates

Cockroaches have a reputation as being dirty, unhygienic, and carriers of disease. This reputation is deserved. It's not as though a cockroach infestation means your family's health is suddenly at risk, but cockroaches do have the ability to affect a human's health.

Risks From a Roach

American cockroaches primarily affect a person's respiratory system. Cockroach feces and discarded skin (due to regular molting) can quickly disintegrate and become fine dust, which is easily inhaled. The average healthy adult may not be affected, but someone with allergies, someone with a compromised immune and/or respiratory system, and babies and seniors can experience an adverse reaction. 

Bacterial Contaminants 

In addition to the inhalation of cockroach fragments, the American cockroach can be a carrier of Salmonella bacteria. This must be ingested to cause illness, but since American cockroaches will actively target your food supply, it's possible for cockroaches to have made contact with your food prior to consumption. 

Quick Action

With their size, strength, and longevity, sightings of the common American cockroach in your home require quick action. Just think, the insect scuttling across your kitchen floor might still be alive for another couple of years — unless you take matters into your own hands. Although to be precise, you'll be passing matters into the capable hands of a pest control company.

Comprehensive Pest Control

Spraying for roaches is the best way to rid your home of American cockroaches. The application of the insecticide must be exhaustive and precise. Basements and crawl spaces will be targeted, as these offer damp environments favored by cockroaches. Your porch and decking will also be well-sprayed, and a comprehensive exterior check should be performed. This will identify any tiny cracks that have allowed the cockroaches to migrate into your home, and these entry points will then be sealed.

They might be the biggest common cockroach, but the American cockroach is also one of the biggest problems in terms of insect infestation. Be sure to take quick action if a family group decides to move in.

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20 September 2022

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