How To Stop Lawn Moths From Destroying Your Yard


When it comes to a beautiful lawn, routine care is typically all it takes. Watering, fertilizing, and trimming make a yard really stand out. But when trouble arises, and the bright green appearance of your lawn is diminishing, it could be due to an underlying issue: sod webworms. Here is how you can stop this crazy lawn moth from wreaking havoc on your yard. 

What is a Sod Webworm?

The term "lawn moth" belongs to an infesting type of moth and worm that destroys turf grasses in the US. The sod webworm consists of a group of insects with over 20 sub-species. They range between 1/2 and 3/4 inches long, according to the Nebraska Department of Entomology.

The moth starts by laying eggs, in which larvae emerge in a silky tunnel in the grass and soil. From there, the sod webworms begin to lay eggs in the grass and feast throughout the spring to mid-summer months. 

Signs of an Infestation

A telltale sign of a sod webworms infestation is dead grass. Brown spots on the turf or grass are also an indicator that something is chewing away at the grass. The worm eats the grass from the bottom up, so if the grass is cut short, it should be easy to spot. 

If there is a drought period or watering the lawn is scarce, it can intensify the problem and make it harder to identify. For severe infestations, you may be able to easily spot the webworms. They are similar to caterpillars and are a light brown color, often speckled with black. 

How to Eradicate This Pesky Lawn Moth

The best form of sod webworm treatment is to call in a pest control specialist. They will likely recommend cutting the grass and removing the clippings. From there, the area will be irrigated to ensure that underlying sod webworms and their larvae come to the surface. 

The next step is using an insecticide in the early evening when larvae are most active. A sod webworm pest control pro will spray the affected area and repeat the treatment at a later date if necessary. You may have to contact a landscaping contractor to replace the damaged turf or recommend a turf alternative to prevent a future re-infestation. 

For sod webworms control, it's a multi-faceted effort. From early detection to proper treatment, each step is important. Getting rid of this destructive lawn moth takes time and diligence. But the result will be well worth it.


25 August 2022

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