Can You Insulate Your Home Against Pests?


If ants, beetles, and other insects keep getting into your home through your attic, floors, or walls, insulate your home better. A number of pest control companies offer a special type of insulation that not only protects your home from heat and cold loss but also kills pests. Learn more about pest control insulation and how to install it in your home below.

What's Pest Control Insulation?

Pest control insulation is a loose cellulose-based insulative material that contains a powdery substance known as borate. Borate is a salt-based mineral that occurs naturally in the environment. Although borate is generally nontoxic to humans, plants, and a great number of animals, the substance is deadly to most types of insects, fungi, and bacteria. When placed in insulation, borate can be an effective weapon against house pests. 

Pest control insulation works simultaneously as an insect repellent and a pesticide. The insulation can keep insects from invading your home by blocking their way into your house, or it can kill the insects outright. As insects walk on or burrow through the insulation, borate sticks to their faces, legs, and outer shells. Toxins from the powder gradually absorb into the insects' bodies and digestive systems until they shut down and perish.

You don't need to clean up or deodorize your home after you insulate it. The borate in pest control insulation contains special properties that prevent odors from entering the environment, including any odors insects may give off as they decay. 

If you're tired of battling the pests in your home, ask a pest control contractor to install insulation in your home today. 

How Do You Insulate Your Home?

A pest control contractor can place installation in every void or space in your house, including the deep voids between your floorboards and walls. If your home currently contains insulation, a pest control technician can remove it for you. A contractor can also install pest control insulation in your home without removing your old insulation. 

Installing pest control insulation in your home isn't difficult. A contractor will use a thick hose attached to a blowing machine to blow pieces of insulation into your home. The machine eliminates the need to physically handle the insulation as it fills in the voids in your home.  

If a contractor needs to make adjustments to the process, such as clearing space in a room to complete the work, they'll discuss it with you beforehand. Otherwise, the only thing you may need to do is remain clear of the insulation area until a contractor completes the job.   

Learn more about pest control insulation, such as TAP insulation, by contacting a contractor today. 


27 April 2023

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