Seasonal Pest Control: Protect Your Home In The Spring


Protecting your home from beetles, rodents, spiders, and other pests during the year is essential, especially in the spring. Some of the pests emerging from their winter hiding places in early spring may make their new homes in your house later on in the year. You can protect your home this spring with seasonal pest control services. Learn how seasonal pest control services can protect your home from spring pests below.   

What Spring Pests Should You Worry About?

Beetles, carpenter ants, mosquitoes, rats, and spiders are some of the rodents and insects that hibernate, or become less active, during the cold season. Once the weather warms up a bit in the spring, some of the animals and insects leave their hiding places to search for food, mates, and new places to live. Your home could be one of the places the pests invade to find the things they need.

It doesn't require much space for rodents and insects to enter your home. For instance, mice can typically squeeze through holes as tiny as 6 to 7 millimeters thick, or the width of an ink pen. Beetles and mosquitoes can crawl or fly through thin slits, tears, and holes in your screen doors and windows.

Unless you use seasonal pest control methods to keep pests out of your home, they'll continue to return to your home each spring.

What Pest Control Methods Should You Consider?

A pest control contractor can use a wide range of seasonal pest control methods to keep rodents and insects out of your house. The methods may depend on several factors, including the types of pests entering your home.

For example, potentially dangerous pests, such as mosquitoes and rats, may require more detailed pest control methods to keep out of your house than beetles or ants. Although some beetles and ants can be destructive or bothersome, mosquitoes and rats tend to carry or spread disease in the places they frequent. If children and older individuals live in your home, you want to protect them against anything that may harm their health.

A pest control contractor must also consider the area you live in before they implement a control plan for your home. Some areas tend to be damp or rainy during the spring. Insects, such as ants and spiders, may seek refuge in your home during rainy times of the season. A contractor may recommend you seal your window frames or keep your gutters clean to keep insects out of your house.

Learn more about seasonal pest control by contacting a local service provider such as Highland Pest Control.


22 March 2023

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