Seen Termites At Your Business? Steps A Pest Control Company Takes To Remove Them


If you have seen termites at your business, you need to take steps immediately. These insects can cause catastrophic damage to wood and if there is a lot of them, this could happen quickly. This would result in you having to pay expensive repair bills. To prevent all of this from happening, contact a pest control company. Below are the steps they will take to get these insects out of your building. 

Do an Inspection

The first thing the pest control company will do is a thorough inspection to make sure what you are seeing are termites. During this inspection, they will inspect your crawlspace, attic, garage, and much more. They will inspect both the exterior and interior of your building looking for signs of termites, as well as termite infestations. This includes things like mud tubes which termites create to give them access to your building from their nest. These mud tubes are generally found on the foundation on the exterior of your building. 

The pest control company will also look for any type of wood damage. They will knock on wood in different areas to see if there are any areas that sound hollow. They may use an instrument to help them find tunnels inside walls. This instrument looks much like a screwdriver. The contractor will look for termite droppings, buckling paint, and look for live termites. 

Termite Treatment

If the pest control contractor finds that you do have termites, they will develop a treatment plan to remove them. There are different types of chemicals they often use to kill termites. These chemicals are sprayed in the areas where the contractor determined there were termites. They also spray the chemicals around the perimeter of your building to create a termite barrier. If a termite ingests any of the chemicals, they will infect termites in the nest so all of them will die. 

The contractor may choose to use termite baits, which are installed around the perimeter of your building. These baits have a chemical poison that attracts termites to them. Once they ingest the chemicals they will quickly die.

The pest control contractor will reinspect your building after a couple of months to ensure all termites were killed. You should also consider having an inspection done yearly. 

When the pest control company is done, ask them to write you a termite letter. This letter states what they did to inspect and remove the termites from your building. For more information, contact a company like T A Roberts Pest Control.


5 January 2023

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