3 Important Tips For Termite Prevention


Do you live in an area where termites are relatively common? Have you been telling yourself that you haven't actually seen any termites so you don't have to worry about them in your home? While some termite infestations can be blatantly obvious before they get out of hand, this isn't something that you can or should rely on. Without the assistance of a professional, your home can crumble down around you almost before you realize it. But besides professional methods, there are also things you can do to help deter termites and to make an infestation much less likely. Some of the biggest things you should do or be doing include the following:

Remove leaves/mulch 

As you are no doubt aware, termites typically nest in and eat various types of wood. What you may not realize is that termites will feast on just about any dead plant matter that the nest comes across. This includes things like thick layers of fallen leaves or piles of wood mulch. As part of your termite pest control plans, you'll need to make sure that your yard is as clean as possible. If you have a compost pile to dispose of autumn leaves and the like, make sure to keep the pile's location as far away from your house as possible and to turn it frequently in order to discourage termites from nesting within.

Repair plumbing 

As with any living being, termites are unable to live without access to any moisture at all. A slowly leaking exterior faucet or drain can be sufficient to at least partially thwart your other termite pest control efforts. While you might not currently see any leaks, it's still a good idea to have a plumber check everything just in case. You could have a relatively minor leak in your attic or crawlspace area that simply hasn't become large enough yet for you to notice on your water bill or within your home.

General repairs 

The fewer cracks and crevices exist in your home's exterior, the less likely it is that termites will even be able to get into your home in the first place. Replace things like damaged or worn-out weatherstripping, replace old caulking, and have cracked bricks or mortar plastered over or otherwise repaired. If you have a basement that floods on a semi-regular basis, try to get it waterproofed as soon as possible; this both eliminates ways for the termites to get in but also eliminates access to another potential source of water for a growing colony.

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19 November 2019

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