Six Things You Should Do During The Fall Months To Prevent Pest Issues


When the temperature drops outside, pests can be attracted to your home's interior because it provides a comfortable and warm environment. You might want to take some precautions in the fall to keep pests out of your home.

The following are six things you should do during the fall months to prevent pest issues:

Put up screens over windows

During the summer months, you may keep your windows closed because your air conditioner is running. However, you're likely to be tempted to open your windows during the cooler fall months for air circulation. 

Don't make the mistake of keeping your windows open if you haven't first put screens over them. Placing window screens will allow you to enjoy the cool autumn air without allowing insect pests or rodents to get into your home through your windows. 

For the best pest protection, you should do more than just ensure that you have screens over windows. You should also inspect your screens periodically for tears and holes. Patch up any openings if possible or replace your screens if the damage is extensive. 

Place a chimney cap on your chimney

It's easy for birds and rodents to get in a home through the chimney. Placing a cap over your home's chimney will prevent infestation by these types of pest. 

Look for and seal up gaps

Over time, gaps can develop in certain areas of your home like around doors and windows or in roofing components. It's important to seal up gaps to keep pests out. 

Insect pests are especially likely to squeeze into the small openings around doors and windows that can easily be sealed up with a bit of caulk. Inspect your home for any of these developing gaps and seal up gaps to make your home impenetrable to pests. 

Do some landscaping

Fall is a great time to tidy up your yard with a bit of landscaping work. Trim back vegetation and rake up leaves.

Piles of rotting vegetation are particularly attractive to a wide variety of pests, so don't allow vegetation to sit in your yard. 

Inspect sheds and garages and throw clutter away

A buildup of clutter in your sheds and garages can attract pests and make it easy for pests to hide. The fall is a great time to throw away supplies and items in your sheds and garages that you don't need to prevent pest issues in the coming months.

Avoid storing firewood too close to your home

If you use firewood during the winter months to keep your home warm and comfortable, you need to take care to store it properly to avoid pest issues. It's important to store firewood some distance away from your home's exterior.

Insect pests like termites can be attracted by piles of wood, so you should definitely keep firewood piles away from your home's exterior walls and any entrances to your home.

Contact local pest control services for more information and assistance. 


10 October 2017

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