Three Tips For Homeowners Facing A Mouse Problem


Mice can be a major issue for a homeowner to experience. Unfortunately, homeowners are often unaware of the various steps that they should be taking to protect their homes against this pest. In addition to calling pest control, you can utilize a few simple steps to avoid experiencing problems or serious complications from mice in your home.

Avoid Using Bait

When it comes to combating a mouse problem, homeowners will often immediately resort to using traditional poison bait. While these substances can be extremely effective at neutralizing mice that consume it, there is a notable problem that it can cause. After the mice consume the bait, they may die between the walls or in difficult-to-reach crawlspaces. If you are unfortunate enough to experience this issue, the entire house may be at risk of developing a foul odor. Additionally, this could lead to ants or other pest problems for the house. As a result, it may be better to use traps that will prevent the mouse from fleeing.

Clean Your Garbage Bins

Preventing your home from being an attractive place for mice can be one of the first steps in minimizing the risk of the home developing this problem. Unfortunately, if homeowners allow their garbage bins to become extremely dirty, they can serve as a beacon for mice. After targeting the garbage cans, the mice are likely to move into your house. Minimizing this problem will require you to thoroughly clean your garbage bin on at least a weekly basis. As you are cleaning the garbage bin, you will want to use ammonia-based cleaning products since mice are naturally repelled by the scent of ammonia.

Avoid Allowing Standing Water To Accumulate

Many homeowners will be aware of the need to avoid leaving food out, but they may not realize that standing water can be another attractant for mice. If your property develops large puddles after rain storms, you should take steps to improve the drainage so that the water will quickly dissipate. Otherwise, mice will be able to use your property as a source of moisture during the times of year when showers are frequent. For those that have bird baths, swimming pools, lakes or fountains, it may seem like preventing mice from targeting these areas will be impossible. However, it is possible to treat the grounds near these water sources with mouse repellents. These substances will help to discourage mice from attempting to use the water, and you should apply these substances every few months to ensure they are effective at keeping mice away.


21 September 2017

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