Don't Bug Out! How To Handle It If You Discover Bed Bugs In Your Luggage


Your trip was a grand one and that hotel you stayed at seemed super nice, so now you are ready to get back to real life and unpack your luggage at home. Just when you are reminiscing on the fun prior days and pulling things out of your luggage, you discover something that makes your skin crawl nestled into your dirty laundry–bed bugs! Unfortunately, the bed bug registry has collected about 20,000 reports of bed bugs since it went live in 2006, so this scenario is not uncommon. If you have managed to pack home some highly unwelcome guests in your luggage, don't panic. Here are a few things you can do to prevent contaminating your entire house with the bed bugs you've carried home:

Close up your luggage and take it outside of your home. 

As soon as you see that first bed bug while unpacking, stop what you are doing right there. Put your items back in your luggage and take all of your bags outside. The longer the luggage is in the house, the more likely it will be that a few of these blood-sucking varmints will get loose and find a new home in your furnishings. It is even a good measure to drop your luggage into garbage bags and seal them up while you carry the pieces outside of your home. Once you have your belongings outdoors, unpack carefully, shaking out all items in your suitcases. Launder everything immediately after and make sure you dry your clothing articles on a high-heat setting in the dryer. 

Check your vehicle for signs of bed bugs. 

Keep in mind that bed bugs can even travel on your body because they will tuck themselves into jackets, cuffs of clothing, and even in your shoes. Inspect your car for signs of bed bugs you could have carried into the car by checking around all small crevices and folds in the upholstery. Take your vehicle to a local car wash and vacuum it out thoroughly. If you find any bugs, consider using an over-the-counter bed bug spray to treat the inside of your vehicle. Even though these products are not efficient in the house, they can usually do a good job of killing any bugs in such a confined space. 

Contact a pest control agent to treat your home as a preventative measure. 

Bed bugs can populate incredibly quickly, so if even a few bugs have managed to get into your home, you could be dealing with a  huge problem in no time. Your best plan of action is preventing an all-out infestation. Your local pest control agent can use preventative methods to help combat any bugs that may already be in the house. For example, they can help you put mattress covers on your beds and put out traps around your bed just in case. 

Click here to get more info on treating a bed bug infestation. 


9 August 2017

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